About Polymer Conversions

OEM’s prefer to partner with PCI for our world-class services and our ability to “do it right the first time”. We maintain our facility and equipment in “like-new” condition and have dedicated our 33+ years to providing a safe, high quality, ultra-clean and friendly working environment for both our employees and guests, all of whom are treated like family.

  • Strict QMS registered to ISO 13485:2003 & ISO 9001:2008
  • Validated, Advanced Process & Production Monitoring System networked to every injection molding machine for real-time data
  • Specialties: intricate, tight-tolerance, highly technical tools, designs & thermoplastic products
  • Superior, world-class Quality & Process Control
  • Full Lot Traceability from supplies through shipped products
  • Cross-functional Quality Planning team starts Risk Assessment & Evaluation as early as the RFQ stages
  • No risk, comprehensive Tooling Transfer Program
  • Design development & prototyping support
  • In-house tool design, tool builds & tool maintenance
  • Advanced engineering expertise
  • Full project management by skilled engineers
  • Full-service, Medical Contract Manufacturing in Class VII (10,000) & Class VIII (100,000) Clean Room environments
  • In-house tool, equipment, process & product validations
  • In-house post molding operations & packaging
  • International shipping
  • RoHS compliant (where required)
  • Polymer Conversions operates within the quality system regulations (QSR) for FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Medical Devices and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), as well as all relevant ISO requirements

How We Work

A Polymer project engineer is assigned to work with you for the entire length of your partnership with us. The partnership ensures your team that the same point person will understand and communicate the full breadth of your product offerings to fellow teammates as the relationship grows.

Our expert engineering contact will then work with you on every single product, from part design through full qualification and approvals. Once a part is approved and is in regular production, your purchasing team can then coordinate with our customer service representatives who will keep track of your product orders and deliverables.

When you are ready to make changes to the design or functionality of a part or when you start working on next generation product designs, that same PCI engineer is at your disposal and will work side-by-side with you until your product modification or next generation product launches successfully. If you are unsure about material selection, our engineers can help with that too. Polymer's engineers have expertise related to everything from standard stock materials to highly complex engineered resins. They understand the properties and flow characteristics that most resins exhibit and are often instrumental in helping a customer determine whether pre-colored materials are more advantageous than adding colorant to natural resin at the press.

Verify Manufacturability

Polymer is there to help you during every phase of your project. All of our engineers are capable of reviewing critical drawing tolerances to determine the best overall design for manufacturability. This important step helps to keep your costs low, a mission as critical to Polymer as it is to your own organization. Finding the right design early on will save you both time and money  as your product goes from design to full production. 

PCI engineers can also  help with design modifications, suggesting next generation product enhancements and taking a look at the entire manufacturing process to determine where steps can be combined (either in your own facility or within Polymer) or even eliminated through lean cell manufacturing or advanced processing.

Our Project Engineers have extensive Manufacturing & Industrial experience in

  • Design reviews and support; including manufacturing cost analysis
  • Mold designs for manufacturing as well as SLA/SLS development for prototypes
  • Steel & aluminum tools & fixture building
  • Raw material selection & sourcing – including highly engineered resins, concentrates and compounds
  • 3-D CAD/CAM modeling and 3-D tool designs
  • DXF & IGES interface & translation
  • Quality planning
  • Design for assembly
  • Packaging & value-added operations
  • Metal to plastic part design conversions
  • Additional Supply Chain Management available upon request

Industries We Serve

More than 40% of Polymer's business is from purchasing agents transferring a tool or entire programs to PCI because they were unsatisfied with their current supplier(s).

In most cases the issue was poor quality, but lack of service and lack of providing world-class solutions for difficult tooling/manufacturing tolerances and processes were also top concerns.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

Medical / Healthcare Industry

  • Blood Diagnostic Devices
  • Enteral Feeding Pumps
  • IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices)
  • Needleless Injection units
  • Disposable syringe components
  • Safety/Hearing Protection Devices
  • Hospital Patient Communication Devices
  • Suction Device Kits
  • Oxygen Generating Devices
  • Pain Management Devices
  • G.I. Diagnostic components
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Surgical Blade covers
  • Personal Care/Dental and Specialty Packaging
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Devices
  • Desiccant containers/carriers

Packaging / Personal Care Products

  • Plastic Ampoules
  • Small jars


  • On-board Oxygen Systems


  • Over Flow Protection Device components
  • Gauge/Dial Components and Assemblies
  • Smaller Valve and Pump components
  • Impeller Assemblies
  • Scuba gear accessories
  • Filtration products
  • Desiccant containers/carriers


  • Surge Protection Products
  • Cord Assemblies

Business Machines

  • Carriage and Paper Guide components
  • Precision Gears and assemblies


5732 Big Tree Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127-4196
Phone: (716) 662-8550
Fax: (716) 662-8555

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